Instant plug & play 'fridge

With increasing commercial pressure on our industries end-users to trade profitably every hour of the day, when a fridge breakdown occurs our service businesses are under constant pressure to provide a solution. This may not be possible due to time limitations, parts on order or access issues.

Traditionally the short term fix is to move stock to another location, or, provide a temporary portable cold room with all the associated costs and loss of time.

Quickfridge, developed by Beijer Ref in the UK, overcomes all these problems. With Quickfridge your customer can continue trade whilst the repairs take place at a more convenient time. Quickfridge is available to rent 24/7 from stock points across the UK and, once delivered, the unique design makes it easy to locate and set up whether the room is in a cellar or up a flight of stairs providing instant 'fridge.

Suitable for beer cellars, chiller rooms and freezer rooms this instant fridge system is rented by the week at a cost that is significantly cheaper than renting a portable cold store or even loosing a small amount of stock. It also buys you time.

With a minimum room size of 5m3 Quickfridge can keep up to a 70m3 beer cellar at temperature, a chiller of up to 50m3 can operate at design temperature and freezer up to 20m3 can also be maintained.

Instructions to set up the system are printed on the unit itself making the set up process really simple without an engineer attending site. All you need is a plug socket for power and a nearby water supply to provide a constant flow of mains water from a suitable tap.

Quickfridge is held in stock at all 17 branches offering 24/7 delivery to your customers door.

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