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IR Range IR Range
PZD Range (Easy Cool / Easy Freeze) PZD Range (Easy Cool / Easy Freeze)
16A-8A-8A PZD - the simple and affordable thermostat. The thermostats have a display with large clear numbers and a completely sealed smooth front which is easier to...
EVD Range EVD Range
Batteries are not needed
Carel Electronic Controller Accessories Carel Electronic Controller Accessories
RS 485 signal converter USB screw terminal for programming the EVD300
Carel Electronic Expansion Valves Carel Electronic Expansion Valves
Carel's electronic expansion valves with stepper motor are controlled by a controller/driver, as well as a temperature and a pressure sensor.The EVD evo...
Carel Transducers & Transmitters SPKT Range Carel Transducers & Transmitters SPKT Range
Stainless steel pressure sensors with output signal 4...20 mA. Enclosure class IP 65. Supply voltage 8 - 28 Vdc.
Carel Trapped Person Alarms Carel Trapped Person Alarms
The trapped personnel alarm kit is a safety system for installation inside low temperature cold rooms. It comprises: • control unit: installed outside the cold room;...